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Victory gardens theater

“As Layla, Ortiz infuses some much needed light into this necessarily dark play. Ortiz has a levity and an earnestness to her performance that serves the role so well.” - BroadwayWorld


“... Ortiz gives a commendable performance that captures Layla's swift transformation from eager people-pleaser to cynical teen” - TheaterMania


“As 14-year-old Layla, Krystal Ortiz captures a teenager’s desperation to understand her identity ...” - Variety


“Krystal Ortiz is a charming and hopeful Layla, somehow untouched by the blighted atmosphere of her home life.” - Chicagoland Theater Reviews


“Lettie’s daughter Layla (also brilliantly performed by Krystal Ortiz) ...” - NewCity Stage


“And as sweet-natured, charismatic daughter Layla, Krystal Ortiz stands out as Lettie’s only ray of sunshine in her life.” - Chicago Theatre Review


“Maria (Krystal Ortiz) ... is the first to tell her story, and it is a sweet-sad blend of discovery, slow assimilation, and homesickness rich with often funny details… it’s so touching and beautifully told by Ortiz.” - Hyde Park Herald


“While the entire ensemble is wonderful, Krystal Ortiz’s Maria is pitch-perfect, a wide-eyed teen longing for her family but ecstatic to connect with music old and new in her adopted country and city.” - Chicago Theater Beat


“Our first story, presented by 13-year-old orphan Maria (Krystal Ortiz), is a good introduction to this era. Her innocence and excitement about coming to a new country sets an upbeat tone and reminds us how America is portrayed in other countries. Ortiz’s buoyant delivery shows this positive attitude on a new chapter in life, which becomes a motif for the evening.” - PerformInk