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los frikis
Krystal Ortiz Los Frikis movie chicago playwright

LOS FRIKIS tells the true story of a community of young punks in Cuba in the late 80s and early 90s who faced so much adversity at the hands of the Cuban government that they self-injected with HIV-positive blood to access a higher quality of life living in the quarantined sanitariums. It uses music from a Cuban punk band called EsKoria, and follows a tight-knit group of friends trying to thrive in an oppressive regime. They fall in love and laugh and thrash while considering a liberated path to death as an actual alternative to being stifled at every turn.

In 2018, Krystal traveled to Cuba and became friends with some of the last surviving frikis, and got to check out what the current punk scene in Cuba looks like. In November 2018, Krystal spoke on a panel at the MCA which was organized by QUEER, ILL, +OKAY, about the unique history of los frikis cubanos. Krystal is also co-producing a documentary about this undertold piece of Cuban history.

los frikis cuba punks HIV AIDS
los frikis cuba punks HIV AIDS
los frikis cuba punks HIV AIDS

Development history:

A staged reading/live concert performance of LOS FRIKIS will play at The Den Theater on March 16th and 22nd, 2020. This reading is a part of the Guest House Project by Haven Chicago. (Cancelled due to Covid-19)

krystal ortiz los frikis play movie

LOS FRIKIS received a staged reading in July 2018 at Victory Gardens Theater in Chicago, IL.

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